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    Dynamics 365 Cloud & Marketo Integration

    Ishita C

      Hi everyone,


      We are looking into Dynamics migration from on-prem to cloud (Dynamics 365). It would be great if anyone can share the necessary steps to be taken during the migration and integration (365) with Marketo?

      Also, would you recommend any 3rd party to help us with the integration? if yes references are greatly appreciated.


      Thank you!

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          Grégoire Michel

          Attention, if your Marketo was integrated with Dynamics on-prem, you will not be able to link it to your new Dynamics instance.


          You will have to open a new Marketo instance and migrate your content, leads, programs, ... A significant project.


          Support can help you by cloning your instance.



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            Renee Wagner

            Hello Ishita,

            Our company faced this exact same challenge when we migrated from MSD CRM on-prem to Online. My CEO was furious and the consultants handling our migration were dumbfounded that Marketo is set up this way, putting the customers at such a disadvantage.


            There are several options and you'll likely have to make a compromise depending on which is right for your company:

            • Leverage Marketo professional services to handle your instance migration 100%: Pro - Marketo does all the heavy lifting; Con - you'll unfortunately lose some historical data (which may not matter to you and your team) and it's expensive
            • Leverage Marketo professional services in an advisory capacity and have them handle the scripting: your team would handle the instance copy and Marketo's team would handle the scripting of the items that don't copy over. Pro: costs less than the first option; Con: you'll still lose some historical data, it's still expensive
            • Connect your new CRM to your old Marketo instance via a third-party company like Bedrock Data or Informatica. I got this idea from another forum post. If you're only syncing CRM lead and contact data (not opportunity or account data) to Marketo this option could save you time, money and prevent you from losing historical data inside Marketo. We did some testing with Bedrock and confirmed that we can read/write out all Marketo lead/contact data to the existing instance. Pro: faster than instance copy and scripting, no loss of historical data; costs far less than professional services  Con: loss of native sync function between Marketo and MSD CRM (have to use smart campaigns to kick off the sync), unable to sync Account or Opportunity data to Marketo from CRM


            I hope this is helpful. As I mentioned, my CEO was furious about this entire situation so I was charged with exploring every single avenue. Good luck!!

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              Ishita C

              Hi All,

              I'm currently importing the programs and content from an old instance to a new instance and I see that the statistics of those programs are not transferred. Meaning, I'm losing all the numbers (sent, opens, clicks, etc.) of the program while importing. Is this usual? or am I missing something while importing?

              Thanks for the help!