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Secured Landing Pages

Question asked by Leasha Jackson on Oct 29, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 31, 2018 by Sydney Mulligan

Hi Everyone! We have purchased secured landing pages through Marketo, but haven't followed the steps to set them up yet. The reason for this is because we have 300 landing pages and according to the directions, we have to go into each landing page, unapprove it, and then change http to https. The issue is that we don't have time to sit and go through all 300 landings pages to make this update. We talked to our account manager and they estimated that it would take anywhere from 25 – 50 hours depending on complexities (Budget range $6,875 - $13,750) for them to update the pages for us. I am curious if any of you have gone through this process? If so, do you have best practices or recommendations on how to efficiently update these pages? These 300 landing pages are a combination of live landing pages as well as some templates that are not in use. Do we need to go through and update each and every one? Thank you!