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    Does Inferred Company populate "Company" field?

           Does "Inferred Company" automatically populate the "Company" field?

           I'm trying to test whether our instance's lead scoring is working properly and because I'm filling out forms, etc. on my company's network, I'm being dumped into -->"Employee" Segmentation --> "Non-Targeted" Lead Partition and thus I'm not getting scored for my actions.

           The "Company" field is populating as my company-is there a way to prevent this when using my company's network?

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          Dory Viscogliosi
          Brian, Company shouldn't be automatically populated by the inferred company field. Have you cleared your company field and it's still being populated by a form fill (where I'm assuming that you don't fill in your company name)? Are there any hidden fields on the form, or triggered campaigns that say if company is empty, populate with inferred company?

          The only other thing I can think of, and I'm not sure a token would work here, but in the SFDC sync options there is a Default Lead Company field that maybe has a token to pull in the inferred company?

          Otherwise, I'd contact support to see if they can troubleshoot the issue for you.
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            Josh Hill
            Perhaps you have a data management flow or a scoring flow that is putting Inferred Company in Company whenever Company is empty.

            That is not a good practice, as Dory noted, because Inferred Company is not 100% accurate.

            Before calling support, I would check other flows to see why this is doing this.
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              One quick way to find this out is to look at the activity log on the offending lead and see if there is an activity changing the Company value and which campaign did it.
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                Jep Castelein
                Whoever built the data management campaigns in your Marketo instance did a very good job in identifying you as an employee :-)

                If possible, contact that person to find out how to bypass the "Employee" segmentation. 
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                  Thanks everyone. It turns out we use a 3rd party software in our Marketo forms. This software makes different API calls depending on the visible fields the user completes.

                  One of these calls is using the Email Address form field to populate "Company" on the back-end. When Company is populated as my company, I automatically get dumped into the "Employee" segmentation.

                  But when I use an @gmail email address when filling out the form, for example, the software populates the Company field with "Google." Very strange.
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                    Dory Viscogliosi
                    Seems like the 3rd party software should be smart enough to know that @gmail doesn't mean that someone works for Google... or are there settings where you can exclude general email providers from setting the company? Just a thought.