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    How to view what program a person is member of

    Ludvig Brandt

      In filters, it's of course possible to pick "member of program" is = xxx", but is there a way to VIEW this information as a column with data fields?
      I have smart lists of various nature and when I look at the data set, I miss this info about what programs they are members of, if any. I realize it's tricky to put this data in one single field as it could be populated with multiple entries simultaneously, but it could be done with a concat string field: "Program membership = program A, program B, program E".


      The only work-around I can think of is to create individual smart list for every single program, export the data to Excel, and then cross-check the members of each data set and make this sting field myself.. or make one column for every program and tag the person with X if they are a member in each respective column.


      Any input will help!


      Thank you //