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    Multiple Emails, Multiple Targets

    Liane Farrant


      I'm having trouble deciding which program is better for my situation. I have multiple lists and multiple emails to go out. So 24 emails and 24 lists. One email per list but I'm not sure if it would be better to do multiple email programs or an engagement program. If your answer is an engagement program please help guide me the set up if you can.


      Thank you!

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          Darrell Alfonso

          Hi Liane,


          You could use tokens and/or dynamic content to use fewer emails - to customize the emails.


          I wouldn't use engagement program from this, I would just create several smart campaigns or email sends to do this. With smart campaigns, you can do conditional sends as well to limit the number. Flow step "send email" , add constraint, if [condition 1] then send email 1, if [condition 2] send email 2 and so on.


          If you provide more detail on what the 24 lists are and the 24 emails are, we might be able to recommend something.

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            Grace Brebner

            Agree with Darrell, assuming you're saying each individual person will only receive one individual email, then it wouldn't make sense to use an engagement program here.


            We would need to know more detail to provide a solid recommendation, but as a guiding point, I tend to work by the principle that a single marketing initiative should be built out as a single program. If these 24 different emails are supporting the same initiative, and are broadly speaking the "same email" in that they serve the same broad purpose but may have different content - different subject line/body copy/imagery/ctas, then I would look at building it out as a) a single default program and single email with dynamic content and/or tokens, or b) a single default program with 24 emails and flow step choice conditions like Darrell mention. Beyond making reporting easier, it's also much faster than building 24 individual programs out!