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Landing pg with form

Question asked by Christine LeBlanc on Oct 26, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 8, 2018 by Christine LeBlanc

Need to know the best workflow for what I'm trying to achieve. Going to transfer a landing page into Marketo. It will also require a form, redirect to Thank You pg... and I would like to try out the auto-response email.

Correct me if I'm wrong:

In Design Studio - If I were to select & clone the 'Landing Page Template - Guided' (your stnd Bootstrap layout), re-name, strip out all code except Doctype & any call to make it responsive, paste in my static HTML from my source, use Marketo Forms to create the form fields... apply the embed code from that form into the landing page markup... is that the best method for going about this project?  (this one won't need any editable/rich fields, etc)


For the auto-response email, would that qualify this as a 'program' and require a program to be set up under Marketing Activities for such a project?


What I also want to know is: if a landing page with form is not a part of any particular marketing campaign, but intended to be a page on a website for simple lead gen... would the entire project for this exist only in Design Studio? Simply 'approve' page and apply the hyperlink to this page on my website and I'm good-to-go?


Please point me in the right direction for the initial set up I am seeking so that these key items [landing pg, form, thank you page, auto-response 'thank you' email] are linked together.


Thank you. New user and Core Concept Training not till a couple more weeks.