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Multiple Gated Content on one Landing Page?

Question asked by Kana Lai on Oct 25, 2018
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I have a landing page that contains 8 different pop up videos that need to be gated, but I don't want the visitor to have to fill out a form every time they click on a new video. Ideally, it would go like this:


  1. Visitor clicks on first video, popup contains form (possibly within an iframe to keep everything within the pop up).
  2. Visitor fills out form, and gains access to the video, within the same pop up.
  3. Visitor finishes video and clicks on any other video but since the form already collected their info, the new pop up will just bypass the form and they will only see the new video in the pop up.


I can't gate the entire page because there is other content on the page that I don't want gated. I also need to see which videos the visitor clicked on. What would be the best way to do this? UTMs? "If Known Lead, Custom HTML" on the form? I'd also prefer not having to create 8 different forms, but I can if I must.