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Creating a link to the Dynamics CRM lead record in Marketo?

Question asked by Colin Greig on Oct 25, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 1, 2018 by Colin Greig

We have a solution in place today to do this that involves a CRM workflow which writes a CRM Record URL to a sync'd field. Then we use that field value in the new lead notification email that is sent to the sales person (from Marketo) so that they can open the lead directly in CRM to begin working on it.


Only issue is, it takes at least 10 minutes for the CRM Record URL to come back into Marketo on a net-new lead. During the initial sync, data is sent to CRM. This takes 2-5 minutes. Then we need to wait for CRM to sync that CRM Record URL back to Marketo on the next sync cycle which is another ~5 minutes.  That creates at least a 10 minute delay before sales is notified of a contact request for example.


While 10 minutes is manageable it's not ideal. In B2B marketing, a response time "Longer Than 5 Minutes = an 80% Decrease in Lead Qualification" (source).


Is there another solution to this? A way to grab the CRM record id on that initial lead ownership sync? A plugin that can push that 1 simple value on demand from CRM? The only thing I can think of is to move the lead notifications into CRM but we're going to lose a tone of control and flexibility if we do that.