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    Next Tampa MUG Meeting

    Felecia Lamison

      Hi Everyone!


      With the holidays approaching fast, do you have ideas for the next meeting? Hello from Tampa.

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          Nikki Roche

          Hi Felecia! We are shooting for mid-November and the meeting will be on the St. Pete side this time. Any hot topic ideas you want to share?

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              Lahn Bain

              Hope this isn't too basic- but sometimes syncing Marketo with SFDC I can't always see the results I want....

              • Tips on programs that involve- Tradeshow tracking & syncing with SFDC
                • Pre-Show email send with a list
                • Post-Show follow-up- list of people that registered to attend the show & list of those that did attend the show
                  • When i look at the campaign in SFDC i want to be able to see the "entire" list and then dig down to see who did what action
                  • In list in notes field, we have people pick which product they are interested in, if they want demo etc- don't want to have a sep. list for each
                  • Have a unique LP to drive them to- want to track who clicked and who filled out- ex. if its a follow-up webinar, want to see of the 100 people that attended the show; 50 opened the email & clicked on the link; 20 people registered for the webinar; 10 people watched live & 5 on-demand & 5 no-shows (i use on24 and that info syncs over but sometimes i can't see the "other parts" of the list)
              • Tips on sending out an invite & getting RSVPs
                • Seen a few ways to do this- Ex. have a list of those registered for a tradeshow. Want to send them the invite & want to know who replied etc. and get them the proper follow-up email such as haven't received a reply yet, said yes, regrets. And to also cap the invite- ex. once it reaches 10 YES= don't send out anymore reminders to RSVP. My results only showed who RSVP'd but i couldn't tell if they said YES or No
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                  Nikki Roche

                  Hi Lahn Bain,


                  Updating the program status and setting smart campaigns to track the different steps of the funnel: registrations, attended, converted, etc. will give you all the insights you need. Most likely you will need to update the channels you use with different statuses, but it is very quick and simple to do. Adam and I will add this to our meeting discussion and you will leave with all the answers you need.




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                  Nikki Roche

                  So we obviously missed the mid-November date, but don't despair. Adam and I met earlier this week and nailed down our topic and two potential dates for December. We are between Dec 11 or 13th. Any preference?