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How to make submission of a form embedded in RTP/web personalisation pop up register as a click?

Question asked by Grace Brebner Champion on Oct 23, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 23, 2018 by Grace Brebner

Hey Community!


Keen to see whether anyone knows a workaround for this.


We run a number of web personalisation campaigns across our websites that have Marketo forms embedded within them, and, because the form submit button isn't wrapped in an <a> tag, the submission of those embedded forms has never registered as a "click" to the campaigns. It's a pain, but historically it's never been a major issue because we can still report on performance from the programs that run the forms & smart campaigns back in marketing activities.


The issue I'm now running into is that it does make A/B testing more difficult. We're A/B testing two pop-up designs against each other, both with the same form embedded. With clicks being the pre-ordained success metric for web personalisation A/B testing, auto-tune doesn't work and we're being forced us down manual pathways to report on success that I'd rather avoid moving forward.


Is there an effective and reliable method that anyone's aware of to wrap the submission button in an <a> tag/otherwise force it to register as a click?


Thanks in advance