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Attribute primary campaign source in SFDC only for successful campaign member statuses

Question asked by Marie Ligier on Oct 25, 2018
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Is there a way to identify, in Salesforce, program statuses marked as "success" in Marketo?


Here is what I would like to achieve:


Currently, Salesforce is populating the "Primary campaign source" of an opportunity with the latest campaign any contact attached to the opp was enrolled in.

We like this "last touch approach" but we would like to restrict this flow to successful statuses only.


The reason is that we have campaign members that just received an invite for example, and never interacted further with us. We don't want this to be considered as the "primary campaign source" as obviously the campaign hasn't influenced the opportunity.


We still need those inactive contacts to appear in the campaign with a status like "Email Sent" so that our sales teams can view who was invited, and we can have accurate conversion reports.


Any ideas?


Thanks Marketo Community