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Why does editing a form label have no effect?

Question asked by Brandon der Blatter on Oct 23, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 23, 2018 by Sanford Whiteman

I'm trying to fix a CSS bug on my form.  When the form first loads, everything looks fine.  We have two hidden checkboxes that appear when a certain option in a dropdown is selected.  However, the text in those checkboxes is in a <span> with style="color: #ffffff", so against the white background, they don't appear to be there.  Here's what I know:


  • I tested the form by itself in Marketo (using form preview) so no styles on the page are interfering with it
  • The form itself has no styles added to it in Marketo (under Form settings)
  • I tried to change the text color, text background color, and even the text content itself in Marketo but those changes did not reflect on the form preview
  • However, deleting one of the affected fields did reflect in the form preview so I'm pretty sure I'm editing the right thing
  • I tried changing the field to a different kind of field and the same text appeared in the preview even though that was different from the editor text


What is going on?  How can I remove that inline style so the text is not white and invisible?  I think somewhere some JavaScript is running to inject that text and change the color to white.  But where would that be?


This is my first time posting to Marketo Nation and I only started using Marketo a week or two ago so let me know if I should make changes to my question or setup.  Thanks!