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    Marketo Form Format Keeps Changing on Webpage

    Kayla Grueneich

      I created a Marketo form and embedded the code in our CMS. But sometimes the form boxes extend past the webpage, making "submit" button unaccessible. Other times, when I refresh the browser, it appears correctly. Where is the issue? In Marketo or the CMS? Is there some HTML/CSS styling that I am missing?

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          Sanford Whiteman

          The same form, with the same styles, at the same resolution, will always look the same.


          Since Marketo form styles themselves are embedded within the form (unless deliberately packaged separately) it's extraordinarily unlikely that the form (a) displays but (b) has different styles, based on any problem on the Marketo side.


          What I'd suspect is instead that some CSS elsewhere in your page is not loading reliably.


          Of course without a URL it's impossible to look into.