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Editable Landing Page Template with Unknown Number of Elements

Question asked by 653b1f87386ceb3e3f3c226871a7763bd01d09bd on Oct 23, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 23, 2018 by Sanford Whiteman

I am hoping to create a Marketo landing page that the client can edit. I've read the documentation, which leads me to believe that this can't be done in the landing page itself, but rather needs to be created as a template, which then a page could be created from in order to be editable. (Stating so that I may be corrected if this is not entirely accurate.)


The documentation I've read seems to indicate that you can only make individual elements editable, ie, a block of copy, or a placeholder image can be swapped out for another image. However, if we want to have the page have an unknown number of more complex elements, could that be achieved? For instance, a resources section, which contains an unknown number of resources, each containing a div, nesting an anchor, nesting a thumbnail image and name text. Could we create these to be editable, and for the client to be able to add new elements, assuming they can create the thumb image?


Suggestions greatly appreciated. I could provide the existing page in question if it'd help.