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Switching landing pages to HTTPS from HTTP

Question asked by Crystal Griffiths on Oct 22, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 22, 2018 by Crystal Griffiths

Have any of you made the switch to secured landing pages from Marketo? We are needing to switch our http: over to https: and we are getting some confusing information from Marketo that I am just wondering if any of you have a better idea on how to handle this.


We are being advised to go into the HTML of each email and fix every link and switch it over to https: in the coding. Which would ultimately break all of our links and then once that is completed they will go in and "turn on the switch" to make them https:


We have over 600 emails that have links to them, it seems strange to me that there isn't an easy way, where you could simply create redirects of all the links automatically.


Does anyone have any experience transferring their Marketo Landing pages over to secured pages?