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    Switching landing pages to HTTPS from HTTP

    Crystal Griffiths

      Have any of you made the switch to secured landing pages from Marketo? We are needing to switch our http: over to https: and we are getting some confusing information from Marketo that I am just wondering if any of you have a better idea on how to handle this.


      We are being advised to go into the HTML of each email and fix every link and switch it over to https: in the coding. Which would ultimately break all of our links and then once that is completed they will go in and "turn on the switch" to make them https:


      We have over 600 emails that have links to them, it seems strange to me that there isn't an easy way, where you could simply create redirects of all the links automatically.


      Does anyone have any experience transferring their Marketo Landing pages over to secured pages?





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          Trent Cross

          Crystal Griffiths - So there's a little more to it than just changing http to https in the links.  Has Landmark gone through the process of getting an HTTPS security certificate?  If yes, then once you have secured this certificate, you need to provide this to Marketo and request them to enable this for you in your instance, which is a chargeable service. If not, you'll need to make this request (non-Marketo, and your IT folks will know what this is and what needs to be done. This cert needs to be renewed all the time or it will expire and cause issues with your Marketo emails & LPs).  Once complete, you'll then need to update your email and LP preferences, etc in Admin (I understand that once Marketo updates your instance to HTTPS that these are down automatically).  Then the next questions: are the images all in Marketo or external?  And same with your other links?  Once your Marketo instance has been updated with HTTPS then all associated assets should be auto-updated, but anything outside of Marketo has to be manually updated to HTTPS.


          Probably not what you want to hear, but haven't heard, seen, or read anything that allows mass updates.  


          Some more info just in case:

          Add SSL to your Landing Pages - Marketo Docs - Product Docs

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              Crystal Griffiths

              Thank you for responding! We have completed the process of getting our security certificate updated, and we have talked with Marketo to enable this for us. Even though I know Marketo does not do any mass updates to make this any easier, at least all of our images are housed in Marketo so that is a relief that when we do update them it will auto-update the associated assets. I appreciate the feedback!!