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Track CTA links in Email - using smart campaign

Question asked by 1d177e69ac1f9498495d47f79f1509a34bf0f754 on Oct 24, 2018
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Question on how to track people with CTAs in  2 emails.


The goal of this email blast  is to track what people are doing when each time the email is sent -they click on a CTA or not and do they convert into an MQL for us?


We have 2 CTA in the email. One CTA is allowing customers to be contacted and another CTA clicked "to not contact them".  Once they click the cta it will go to a "thank you landing page" with resources like ebooks / whitepapers etc. How to track which ones clicked on which CTA?


CTA 1  >LP 1                             CTA 2 >LP 2


I have this set up:    why do I see red lines?