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Issue: Member of Program w/Certain Progression Status

Question asked by a679e60b83353022b0bcf4d56a033d7a8c6350be on Apr 15, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 15, 2014 by a679e60b83353022b0bcf4d56a033d7a8c6350be
I am trying to send an invite reminder to members of a program w/progression status of Invited (excluding Declined and Registered). I set up the Smart List to read "Member of Program is X" and added the constraint "Program Status is Invited."
However, when I go to the Schedule tab, it shows that it is "Set to affect around 110 existing leads" which is the total number of invitations. It also shows that "Around 14 leads are blocked from mailings." However, these are people who have unsubscribed. Which is also a concern, as this is an Operational Email and should ignore that field. So the numbers are showing that it still set to send to those w/Decline and Registered statuses.
Will that Smart List Status change to reflect sending to only Invited statuses and ignoring unsubscribes once I actually run the campaign? Or is something wrong in the setup?