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    Database inconsistency

    Shawn Granniss



      My database says I have 46000 leads but when I look at my "marketable leads" list it says I have 27000. How do I find the 19000 "un-marketable leads"?



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          Anne Angele

          You can pull a smart list (use ANY logic):

          • No Email address
          • Email Invalid is true
          • Unsubscribe is true
          • Marketing Suspended is true
          • Email has hard bounced

          That will give you all of your unmarketable leads.

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              Grégoire Michel

              Add "blacklisted is true" and "suspended is true" to the filters. "Suspended" and "Marketing suspended" are 2 different things.


              "Email has hard bounced" is not necessary. They will show as "email invalid". This filter can even give wrong results, since the email address might since have been fixed and be now working.



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