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Campaign Failure - Smart List is taking too long to calculate

Question asked by Nathan Youmans on Oct 18, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 23, 2019 by Tony Membrino

Hey everybody,


We are having an issue this week where it seems at random we are having both batch campaigns and ongoing trigger campaigns fail with the reason of "Smart List list is taking too long to calculate." Some of these campaigns are fairly simple with just a few filters in the Smart List while others have some levels of nested lists. This started this Tuesday, 10/16, this week and is still happening. Is anyone else seeing this? We did put in a support ticket and this is the response we've gotten so far:


"Checking our backend logs for these campaigns, we were able to identify that the batch smart campaigns failed due to our primary processor being temporarily unavailable at the time and had fallback to our secondary processor to run queries. Our secondary processor, does not handle complex smart lists well and when attempting to run through the smart list it eventually timed out due to the amount of time it took to finish the query."


Would love to hear if anyone else has been having this issue and if there's any way to identify if a campaign will fail.