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Email Links, Smart Trigger, and Webinar Registration

Question asked by Zachary Batastini on Oct 17, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 17, 2018 by Sanford Whiteman

So we have ran in to an interesting situation... We sent an email out with a button to register for an upcoming webinar. Because we already have the contacts information in Marketo, we are not asking them to re-submit a form, simply click the "1-Click Registration" button, that then takes to a webinar-confirmation page. I created a trigger to "register" the person for the webinar using the following logic:


"Use all filters"
Opens Email [email name here]

Clicks link [link contains]

Visits webpage [contains webinar-confirmation]


Change program status to registered


As soon as the email went out we noticed an overwhelming number of registrants near instantly...Not consistent to our previous patterns. The webinar has now come and gone, and the attendees about 1/10th of the "registrations." We have reached out to a few of the people who registered to follow up that we have a good relationship with and they are saying they did not register, but in fact even had an out-of-office reply during the times the email was sent..



Does anyone have any idea whats going on? I was fairly confident that having all three filters would avoid the "fake clicks" or "fake opens" by typical email firewalls and such..