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How to I update custom lookup fields from Microsoft Dynamics via Marketo?

Question asked by 91b373a4db00dd1593bcb3501daa0eb85cbbb28f on Oct 16, 2018
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I'm having difficulty coming up with a solid solution to update Dynamics custom lookup fields (field referencing other entity) via Marketo.


When lookup fields are synced from Dynamics to Marketo, they come through with the GUid - a value that won't make sense to a Marketo user reading it.


Proposed solution

Solution was suggested by jiuying LI suggested here: Cases


Finally we created another string field in Marketo, and sync with a string field in CRM. Then a workflow is created on CRM side to update between the "string field" and "look up field".


So the idea is to create 2 versions of a field.


1. GUid

2. User friendly version of field.


e.g. Country of Citizenship

1. lookup/GUid version: 99f4b730-a8c9-e711-80ef-00155dd16cad

2. Text friendly version: Australia


So for example, if we want to be able to update the GUid field from Marketo via a form fill, on the form we'd have "Country of Citizenship" mapped to the 2. Text friendly version with "Australia" as a the value visible to the prospect and also as the stored value in Marketo.


Once the text friendly version of the field is updated in Marketo, it then syncs across to Dynamics, and based on this field updating, we have created a workflow that updates the lookup/GUId field.


However, this isn't scalable as we've created 1 workflow rule to update 1 value.


e.g. if 2. Text friendly version = Australia

Then update lookup/GUid field to be "Australia" (which will return the GUid value in Marketo if synced).


This means we'd have to create 1 workflow rule for each country which isn't ideal.


Combine this with the fact we have additional fields with 1,000s of different values, so this isn't really a scalable solution.


Do anyone know of a better way we can update the GUid fields from Marketo? e.g. Is it possible to create a parameterised workflow in Dynamics so that if the 2. text friendly field = <country value>, then update the 1. GUid lookup field in Dynamics to match the <country value> of 2. text friendly field ?


Hopefully then, this would then allows us to update Dynamics lookup field values at scale, and could be applied to fields with a lot of different values, that can be updated via a Marketo form fill, with values that are user friendly to Marketo users.


Because ideally, we'd only sync the user friendly fields to Marketo and not even sync the GUid fields from Dynamics to keep Marketo cleaner so that it's more user friendly.