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Same email sent twice in Engagement Programs

Question asked by Ludvig Brandt on Oct 16, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 16, 2018 by Grégoire Michel

Hi, I have learned that "within an engagement program, a lead cannot receive the same email twice". This does not seem to be true if the email is also sent in via a trigger, even is the trigger lies within the program.


In below example program D is sending email D1, D2 etc in a stream. Email D1 and D2 has been sent (and delivered and opened).
I now set a trigger that says "send email D1 if D1 is not sent, otherwise send D2". The result is it sends D2, even though D2 has already been sent via the stream.

In addition, when the stream reached email D9 it got stopped from sending it due to "person has reached the communications limit" (which is great and fine as this is according to my settings). BUT it could still send email D2 (in stream), and others like D4 (not is stream), to that person, directly afterwards when I triggered some triggers.


Can someone confirm these two behaviors that I discovered by testing? Is it the same with batches? And how do i get around the "sending same content multiple times" problem?