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    Token field

    Artium Bu



      Is it possible to create a hidden token field ({{system.date}}) for example, in a form?

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          Ronen Wasserman



          It is not possible to use it in a form, however, you can use a smart campaign and change data value.

          You can read more about it: Using Tokens in a Form

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              Sanford Whiteman

              You sure can use a token to populate form fields as long as the form is on a Marketo LP (or if you're using my approved embedded Pre-Fill method).


              But that's not the real issue.


              The issue is that the particular token {{system.date}) will be stamped as of when the form is rendered. Not when the form is submitted. So if someone leaves the tab open, the value will (naturally) not change. Unless this value is useful (it does show that someone left your form open, for what that's worth) it makes a lot more sense to fill in the datetime using JS at the moment of submission. This is more accurate than using the Smart Campaign, though the SC is generally fine too.

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