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How to set Marketo up to market multiple brands (with different sales people per brand) to a single lead?

Question asked by Cayce Armstrong on Oct 15, 2018
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I've tried searching several key words to find an answer to my question with no luck, so hopefully this isn't something that's already been asked several times in the Community.


The company I work for has three different brands that my team does marketing for, and for each brand, we target two different types of leads - end users that will purchase our products, and potential manufacturers who might want to become a licensed produce our products. We pass end user leads on to the sales reps of our various manufacturers, and potential manufacturer leads to our internal business development team. The end user sales reps and internal business reps all vary by brand. Some of the target audiences for our brands overlap and I'd like to be able to use Marketo to cross-market multiple brands to individual customers and use tokens to personalize the e-mails (such as sending autoresponder e-mails or nurture emails "from" the appropriate rep).


The way our Marketo instance is set up now, there is only 1 field for "Internal Sales Rep" and 1 field for "Manufacturer Sales Rep." Because of this, I have to set up SmartCampaigns to block e-mails from going out to an individual who has been assigned an Internal and or Manufacturer Sales Rep for brand X if they've shown interest in brand Y because I don't want to send an email "From" Brand X Sales rep to a person interested in Product Y.


I know I should be able to set up Marketo in a way that allows for the cross-branding I'm trying to accomplish but I just don't know where to start aside from creating custom fields for each brand (ie - Internal Sales Rep Brand X; Internal Sales Rep Brand Y, etc) and working with my IT department to add matching fields to our NetSuite account and update our lead assignment script to utilize those fields. IT seems hesitant to do things this way because, as our company continues to grow, they don't want to have to continue adding more and more custom fields to Marketo and Netsuite for every new brand we create.


I am the only person at my company who works in Marketo and I don't know enough about Marketo's capabilities to solve this problem in any way except to add custom fields like I mentioned above. I'm open to any suggestions anyone has or examples of how your company may handle a similar situation. Thank you!