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How to use a webhook to send form data to another Marketo instance?

Question asked by Raj Singh on Oct 12, 2018
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We have a smart campaign, "test send to instance", that is triggered based on fill out form = test_form. Under the flow tab, we added Call webhook where webhook = "webhook_send". Under the schedule tab, campaign status is active and Run each leave through the campaign flow = every time.


The goal is to send data from one Marketo instance (foo_instance) to another one (bar_destination) through the webhook_send securely after the form has been submitted. We were able to load test_form onto a web page and are able to see the data come into foo_instance successfully and when we view the Activity Log we can see the webhook_send being triggered with no errors. However, when we go to bar_destination instance, we do not see the lead created or updated.


How would we use the webhook to send data from foo_instance to bar_destination?



marketo webhook.png


Template does include the following:

  1. firstName
  2. lastName
  3. email
  4. munchkinId (from bar_destination)
  5. formId (from bar_destination)