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Is it possible to set a field value as a form name? (LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms)

Question asked by Brian Denneny on Oct 12, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 12, 2018 by Kyle McCormick

I want to segment inbound leads from LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms by which form they filled out. I have a field to capture this but the ad team is constantly adding and deleting what forms are active. Is there a way I could set the field value to the name of the form the person filled out? Right now I am running a step in my smart campaign's flow that says "If Filled out linkedin form is X" then "Field value is X" and there are currently only 8 steps on that, one for each active form.


This isn't scalable as I'd prefer not to continue to manage this process for segmentation especially when the ad team often doesn't tell me when changes are made in LinkedIn ads. Does anyone know of a token or something that can be created for this?