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How come special characters become malformed when creating tokens via the API?

Question asked by Edwin Afable on Oct 12, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 12, 2018 by Edwin Afable

Hello Marketo Community,


I've been experiencing issue around character encoding (my application encodes in UTF-8 prior to inserting into Marketo) with characters being lost.


I've tried to follow this example and even ran the exact call noted in the "support" doc:

Using Extended Character Sets in API Calls


// snippet of code that pushes the new token (swapped with the Marketo example as the value.)
// output expected: 'Hello émarketo' output seen: "Hello émarketo"
parsed = requestJSONPush({url:requestUrl,params:{method:'post',payload:'folderType=Program&name='+programData[n][1]+'&value='+'Hello+%C3%A9marketo'+'&type='+programData[n][3]+''}});

// end




Any guidance or help would be appreciated