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SOLVED: "if x or x" syntax in velocity?

Question asked by Charles Sanderson on Oct 12, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 12, 2018 by Charles Sanderson

hopefully a quick one. I'm just trying to find syntax somewhere for a little velocity script I have. Right now it's just a series of if/else statements. I'd like to include an or inside one of these. But I'm not really sure of the proper syntax for this.


Basically, I'd like to change this:

#elseif(${lead.lastRequestedAssetType} == "infographic")


Into something like this. I'm just assuming I might be close to the syntax:

#elseif(${lead.lastRequestedAssetType} == (“infographic" || “report”))


or maybe it's like this?

#elseif(${lead.lastRequestedAssetType} == "infographic" || “report”)


EDIT: Neither one of the above seems to have worked.


EDIT2: Figured it out. Just a little longer than I'd hoped:

#elseif((${lead.lastRequestedAssetType} == "white_paper") || (${lead.lastRequestedAssetType} == "report"))