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Using SFDC Case Numbers In Marketo

Question asked by Steve Schimmel on Oct 11, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 11, 2018 by Steve Schimmel

We recently launched an NPS program to track customer satisfaction with our support team. Any time a case is closed in SFDC, that contact gets added to an SFDC campaign, and I trigger off of "is added to campaign" to send an email pointing to the survey. Although we have launched this, the next step is to now try to point the survey responses directly to the case, but this is proving to be difficult since I can't write to SFDC cases from Marketo.

To get this done, my initial thought was to create a new field called "NPS Case Number" on the contact object, and simply update that field from Marketo using a token value from the Case number. -- e.g., change data value like NPS Case = {{NPS CASE #}}. From there, we would write a workflow in SFDC to send this information into the case. However, this doesn't seem to be possible, since I can't use Case constraints as tokens.


Does anyone have any thoughts on how I can send information collected into Marketo into an SFDC case? My assumption is that with Velocity scripting, this would be possible, but I'm hoping there is another option since I don't know anything about velocity.


Thanks in advance.