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    lpeCDiv width

    Alessio Golfetto

      Hi everyone,


      Can someone tell me where to change #lpeCDiv_36896 to have 100% width

      #lpeCDiv_36896 {min-width:50px; z-index:15; min-height:50px; left:-434px; top:-911px; width:100%; }


      I can see it when I view the source code from:



      Shall I change the css in the landing page template or in the landing page itself?





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          Frank Breen

          For Free-form landing pages, when you click the element you want to edit, a style box will appear like this, add the 100% to the width here:


          Screen Shot 2018-10-12 at 15.56.17.png

          You shouldn't need to add any css to the head as updating this will do that for you. I see lpeCDiv_36896 has disappeared from your code, so you may have fixed this already.