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    Program Performance Report by Week - Ways to Accomplish

    Bryan Epstein

      I am interested in putting together a report for Program Performance that has a 7-day and 30-day lookback. I don't think there is a way in the current standard reporting, but I would like to be able to set up a report that shows program performance on a specified timeframe rather than "All Time."


      Does anyone have any ideas on how they have achieved this type of reporting in their instance? Would we need to extract this data via API or is there another way to do this? If so, any resources would be greatly appreciated.

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          Chris Wilcox

          Hey Bryan,

          What metrics did you want to look at specifically? And did you want it broken down (for example) by message in the program, or just for the program as a whole?


          I use the Engagement Stream Performance report a bit. With that you can define the program(s) you want to look at, and the time period. However, this just basically gives you email stats for the programs (there is a summary and sub-total for separate streams/engagement programs). The "success" stage is NOT indicated however, so if you're interested in deeper tracking for the program to determine its effectiveness for driving your success activities, I don't think there is a way.




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              Bryan Epstein

              Hi Chris,


              We essentially want to pull the exact Program Performance Report (not the Engagement Stream Performance report) to be able to look the total membership, new names, # of successes and percentage of success. I've looked at previous discussions, and it doesn't seem like there is anything out of the box to get a weekly/monthly version of this report.


              I have up-voted this idea here: Include Date filters for Program Performance Reports


              In the meantime, I would like to find a solution that would work for my needs.

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                  Chris Wilcox

                  The API will get you some of what you want, but you'd have to calculate some of the values yourself. From what I've seen in the API documentation and in the forum, you can pull down the program ID, the members of the program, their status' in the program, etc., but it's all point-in-time.


                  To get to WoW or MoM reports, you'd have to pull the data down for those programs weekly and calculate new members (based on new members since the last data extract), as well as progression down the funnel via their status (again, compared to the previous data extract).


                  Not the easiest solution but that would likely get you what you need. If you don't want to use the API, you could do an export weekly of program members for the program in status and do the same type of thing using excel, but more manual work :/

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                      Bryan Epstein

                      So I found an intermediate solution that won't be real-time per say, but it did work for me. I created a report subscription for the Program Performance report, so it would pull daily. From there, I set up a Macro in Excel that would merge two of these reports into an Macro-enabled Excel Workbook.


                      In running the macro, it:

                      1. Merged the two files together
                      2. Solved for the member change number in the program and summed up all entries within the table [note: I .
                      3. Formatted the table and sorted by highest change


                      If anyone wants to know more, I can do my best to walk through my process along with sending over my spreadsheet. I did this for both MoM and WoW reports.

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                  John Stalnaker

                  I'd love to know if anyone else is creating this type of report using BI tools. I've had good success reporting this data using Tableau, but I find sharing reports difficult with Tableau (licensing). I'd love to have this in Domo, but I'm struggling to get the membership statuses into Domo using any of the pre-built connectors (haven't resorted to trying to build my own). And, of course, if you could just filter the new status dates, I probably wouldn't have to try to set these up in Tableau or Domo at all... What's the best practice here? Is anyone doing this?