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Email Module Template with Turning on/off option issue!

Question asked by 9783623041410886c800f0b08c8f563d08bc995a on Oct 8, 2018

Hi There,


I have developed couple of email template module based for Email 2.0 with adding codes for Turning on/off option, so our client can easily use require module based on their target audience.


However, it was working perfectly till last week, But suddenly, it is not working for especially for MS-Outlook. Have tested with my team members and result become very weird! Is there anything happened Marketo internally settings as code was working perfectly and didn't change anything. In addition, our client also tested last week turning on/off option and that works and they were happy.


Please help/update on this.


This is the sample code that used: <meta class="mktoBoolean" id="ShowTopSectionModule" mktoName="Top Logo/view online Module Display" default="true" false_value="none" true_value="block" false_value_name="Hide" true_value_name="Show">