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    Adding content to Engagement Program

    alex Pang



      I have created an engagement program - only the content for stream 1 is currently available. Is it okay to go live without all content ready and add in the content to stream 2 (and activate it) when we can? Will those who have transitioned into this stream receive@ that content?





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          Ronen Wasserman


          You can activate stream 1 and the leads will receive all the emails of the first stream. However, it depends if you want to transfer them to stream 2 after they get the whole group of emails of stream 1. If you won't have any content in stream 2 instead of transferring the leads they will stay in stream 1 and be "exhausted". It depends what will be the transition between the streams.

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            Denise Greenberg

            Hi Alex  -

            To add to Ronen's reply - once you have members in stream 1 (regardless of whether or not the cadence is set for that stream) and transition rules in stream 2 that pull people from stream 1 to stream 2 - those transition rules will move people to stream 2 regardless of whether or not there is content there. Those people will just sit in stream 2 until you activate the stream 2 content and set the cadence.