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    Tying Scoring Behavior to a Campaign/Program

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      Im working on some data extraction through the Marketo API, and was hoping someone may have run into a similar issue that I currently am.


      Currently, when we pull 'lead score' changes through the activity log, we get a campaign name such as "OP-Scoring-Behavior.Email - Opens Email". I understand this is because the scoring setup is done globally through a program; but is there a way to link this back to a "campaign" or "program" that caused the score change?


      Im a bit new at this, so excuse my lack of understanding of the terminology. Essentially, we'd like to tie a score change, and the change value to a specific marketing campaign (email, newsletter, etc). I believe these may actually be called programs within Marketo.


      Would the only way to acheive this be to setup scoring within each individual program?


      Any advice is greatly appreciated!