Adam Blinzler

MUG Hiring Meeting Wrap-up

Discussion created by Adam Blinzler on Oct 4, 2018

I want to thank everyone who was able to make it. Overall we had a great discussion on both things to think about when hiring a person and things to do to be hired. Some takeaways from the meeting were:

  • Does a strong candidate need Marketo experience?  - The general consensus was that no if you have a person who you feel is comfortable training that person. Even if they do have Marketo experience doesn't mean they are going to be the right fit. Look for people who have learned and grown beyond their comfort zone.
  • How do you know if a candidate will have the ability to create strong campaigns and be a good steward of the Data and understand Data Hygiene? - Things to look for in a resume would be to see if the person has set-up an Automation platform and ask if they have built campaigns and how they did it. One of the things Viper is actually let applicants into the system and show them how they would build a campaign and what steps they take to not only build but also harden the process after the initial build.
  • How important is it that a person works in the office, or is this a position that people can work remotely? - The general consensus was that an SR Marketo/Automation Manager would need to be in the office most of the time because they will be working very closely with those in other departments and especially the Marketing and IT departments. It was mentioned that if you have a larger staff and have people who are more specialists in various areas, they could work remotely. One of the caveats was that to acquire top talent you need to be able to work flexible hours.


There was a lot more discussed, and I want again to thank everyone who attended. Let me know if you had other strong takeaways from the meeting please comment below and share for all of those that missed. Also, we will be looking to have our next meeting in St Pete at the Ozark Innovation Lab, probably early December to avoid the holidays. Please share any thoughts and ideas you may want to have discussed at our next meeting. It sounded like Velocity Scripting was one many would be interested, but if you have others, please share.


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