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How can this program be improved?

Question asked by 1d177e69ac1f9498495d47f79f1509a34bf0f754 on Oct 5, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 7, 2018 by Grace Brebner

Hello All Marketo people.....a detailed look is required here....!!


How can I improve this program?

We send emails on a regular basis with new content + link but same target audience.......


Question 1)

Do I need a program to put all email blasts (mailbox sign) into this brown colored program folder? OR do I keep these emails just in a campaign folder?


If you look at this screenshot 1 (above) --- what can I do to improve this program?  Success is not measured here / leads are not being sent to sales team as I don't know what to send them? See below my questions?


- There is no program status showing up? Why does it show 0? Is it because its not set up ? Smart campaigns are missing yes!

- There are no smart campaigns to move the leads through statuses so should I include these?

- Set up has nothing ? We want to track costs / analytics / etc...

- Should I use tags in this program? Tags are not set up for a program like this? Advantage of tags?

- Should I set this up as a separate program (brown folder) and then add the email in the brown folder>> OR keep adding email blasts (mailbox icon) to the same program?

- How do I measure analytics in this program - overall analytics?

- How do I see if new people were added to Marketo via these emails?

- How do I see which ones converted to an MQL? Any reporting you can suggest?


Question 2)


I send the same email to three regions...........Australia / Europe / US and Canada-

Footer is different / From Email Name and Email Address is different AND signature of the sales owner is different for these three does segmentation work in this?

Do I need to create these segments first in database section? The geo territory is not defined well I see mostly AU is defined well.


See below:



If something is not clear I can in next comment.