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    How can this program be improved?

    Nimisha Garg

      Hello All Marketo people.....a detailed look is required here....!!


      How can I improve this program?

      We send emails on a regular basis with new content + link but same target audience.......


      Question 1)

      Do I need a program to put all email blasts (mailbox sign) into this brown colored program folder? OR do I keep these emails just in a campaign folder?


      If you look at this screenshot 1 (above) --- what can I do to improve this program?  Success is not measured here / leads are not being sent to sales team as I don't know what to send them? See below my questions?


      - There is no program status showing up? Why does it show 0? Is it because its not set up ? Smart campaigns are missing yes!

      - There are no smart campaigns to move the leads through statuses so should I include these?

      - Set up has nothing ? We want to track costs / analytics / etc...

      - Should I use tags in this program? Tags are not set up for a program like this? Advantage of tags?

      - Should I set this up as a separate program (brown folder) and then add the email in the brown folder>> OR keep adding email blasts (mailbox icon) to the same program?

      - How do I measure analytics in this program - overall analytics?

      - How do I see if new people were added to Marketo via these emails?

      - How do I see which ones converted to an MQL? Any reporting you can suggest?


      Question 2)


      I send the same email to three regions...........Australia / Europe / US and Canada-

      Footer is different / From Email Name and Email Address is different AND signature of the sales owner is different for these three regions.....how does segmentation work in this?

      Do I need to create these segments first in database section? The geo territory is not defined well I see mostly AU is defined well.


      See below:



      If something is not clear I can in next comment.

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          Grace Brebner

          Hey Nimisha,


          Before I dig in, a lot of your points here are things that have been discussed in community at length and are also available in docs (linked throughout). Most of us here are happy to help where we can, but you might want to be mindful of asking a lot of big questions in a single thread. Breaking it down and trying to find answers independently for what you can, and then asking an individual or a small number of thematically grouped questions on community is likely to get a faster & more detailed response. I'll do my best to help, but check out docs and search through community for more detail on specific aspects (esp. the "how" of these steps).


          To Question 1 - this will depend on the context of the programs contained within it currently.  Some people may have different perspectives on this, but my preference (which I think it the dominant opinion) is that a single marketing initiative should be a single program.  I can't easily advise whether your current structure is what I would do without more context, but for me, if all of them were different initiatives - different downloadable content, different events, different newsletters, whatever that may be - I would make them individual separate programs. If they were both distinct programs and were used in combination with the intent to nurture people, I'd likely look at having them as independent programs and also nesting them inside an engagement program.


          To your sub questions on Q1:

          - In most cases, smart campaigns are required to update program statuses. If you want the parent program to display counts at each status, you need smart campaigns to update them. See Change Program Status - Marketo Docs - Product Documentation

          - If you want to track costs, you need period costs added (I think you created another thread on that). See Using Period Costs in a Program - Marketo Docs - Product Documentation

          - Tags allow you to refine and filter reporting. See Understanding Tags - Marketo Docs - Product Documentation . You'll need to research and decide whether they're worth doing for your instance.

          - Other analytics - be more specific, what are you looking to see? You can create reports of many kinds within programs and in the analytics section. Have a read through Reporting - Marketo Docs - Product Documentation

          - To see whether people were added - people aren't added via emails, they're usually created via list imports, form submissions or CRM/API syncs. Would this be likely in the context of these programs? Your dashboard shows "Acquired by = 0", but as you state there aren't any smart campaigns, this only suggests people weren't acquired by a means that doesn't require a smart campaign, plus, it only is looking at the parent program. See Understanding Program Membership - Marketo Docs - Product Documentation as a starter. Plenty on these topics in community.

          - To see which ones converted to MQL, you can run a list that looks for members of this program with a current MQL state, or a past MQL state, but this is going to be difficult to do with accuracy around causation - i.e. proving that they were not MQL before, and only became MQL as a result of the program. If this is your primary success metric it should be what's measured by your program statuses - this is why program statuses and success steps are so valuable.


          To Question 2

          I'm unclear as to what your actual question/concern is here. Is your segmentation not working, or are you just curious about how it works? Is your question around segmentation itself, dynamic content or snippets? See:



          Hope that's helpful.