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FT/LT/MT Cookie Scripts

Question asked by Sean Richards on Sep 30, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 1, 2018 by Grégoire Michel

Dan Stevens. I've tried (and getting close) ti reverse engineering your UTM/Lead Source acquisition program/fields etc, combined with other posts and related conversations in the community to create my own UTM/lead source master program in Marketo to capture FT UTMs and LT UTMs, plus referrer data and feed this into Marketo on form submit, stamping the FT if empty, MT historys etc.


I am so close to having a complete understanding, but I am stuck on the website/JS side of things.


I get how it's meant to work with scripts like Yanir's (FT/LT UTM cookie script (Shoutout to Yanir!) - Q&A pretty please ) but I am unable to see how this is working on your website.


I've been trying to test on your website.


When I hit the avanade website with zero pre-existing cookies with the following parameters (e.g., or with an existing UTM stamped link  ( and then click to your contact page, on inspecting the cookies, I can't see where you are capturing the UTM's and passing them into fields for your last touch UTM capture and lead source attribution logic.


Your website also does some funky rewriting which stores the "ref" variable and passing it around as a URL parameter.


What am I missing here? I was quite sure you were capturing the UTM and referrer data into cookies for last touch reporting, and submitting it into Marketo forms, to feed it into your own lead source attribution logic, but can't find it in your javascript anywhere, nor see it on your forms?


Thanks in advance.