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How does stream cadence work in engagement programs ?

Question asked by Vincent Mauduit on Sep 28, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 28, 2018 by Jason Raisleger

Hello everyone,

I happen to be very confused about how the cadence of streams work in engagement programs.


My understanding was that if the cadence is set to 'Weekly', with everyday of the week selected, each person enrolled in the stream will receive the content activated in the stream once a week, on the day he enrolled in the stream (that is why I checked every single day of the week). However, it appears that checking every day means that each content is sent out everyday to the person enrolled in the stream (until exhausted).


Does this mean that the days we select when we put a cadence of 'weekly' will be the days the content is actually sent out, regardless of the 'weekly' cadence as to when the person is enrolled in the stream ?

Does this mean that we can send out content every 2 days for instance, by selecting a weekly cadence and checking 'tuesday, thursday' ? Because it didn't work last time I did...


If someone could please explain to me how the cadence work exactly, I have not found any answers in the marketo docs about the topic (very unclear).


Thank you very much