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    New Email Programs - Tracking Programs/Opens Email Triggers?

      I'm starting to use the new Email Programs -- with our old program set-up, we had to create a folder with a tracking program that would record on leads' records (and include on Marketo Sales Insight for Salesforce) if they opened the email or clicked a link in the email. 

      Do I need to set up a tracking program containing the "opens email" and "clicks link in email" triggers to record this info if I use the new email program? I cloned one such tracking program from an older email program, but when I go to select the appropriate email for either trigger in the email program, it doesn't appear as an option The email is approved andis in Marketing Activities under the email program. I moved the email into Design Studio and then I could see it as an option for both triggers in the tracking campaign, but then it wasn't an option for the email setup. Big ol' question mark, there.

      Help and input would be appreciated -- Thanks!