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    RCM/RCA/Succes Path Analyzer - Desperate help! :(

    Tammy Chan

      I’ve been running circles for the past 6 months with my Marketo Sales rep, customer service reps and tech engineers/tech support. I’ve been looking for a way to report on average time spent and transition between each of our contact status. I can’t seem to get a clear answer on. This is one of the major missing pieces in our metrics. I’ve been told numerous different things, at times they have also been inaccurate or conflicting and as a result I've purchased add on items that didn't do what i needed it to, like RCA.

      I’m willing to purchase the add on’s that are suggested, but I’d like to be ensured it will do as expected.


      I have built my revenue cycle model set it live, but didn’t realized this was an additional feature, so nothing worked. As a result I built smart campaigns with campaign member status’ (as a way to substitute the revenue cycle modeler) and artificially have them move along via status’. At this point the information I need exists in Marketo through the smart campaigns, but I’ve been looking into a way to report on avg time spent in a status. I've been told the following:


      "The Lifecycle modeler package is the overarching package that contains RCM, Success path Analyzers, as well as the Opportunity Influence Analyzer.

      Although RCM was built in your instance it was not active due to the service not being implemented. As a result no leads are currently in the stages. Marketo’s native instance automatically has the Modelers and that is why it is available on every instance even though I will not work until activated.

      You need to leverage the flow step “revenue model stage” in your smart campaigns now and build it out to resemble what was built via smart campaigns. As data is collected the Analyzers will display data specific for leads interactions with the stages."


      I'm not sure i'd have to utilize my flow step for revenue model stage if the below is how i built it. Also, i'm not sure if again my historic information would transfer over- does anyone know?

      I'd be happy to have a quick conversation as well if anyone has time!!



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          Josh Hill

          You have to do a few things:

          • buy RCM and RCE.
          • Setup a lead lifecycle Program with the smart campaigns that listen for the transition points and then do
            • Change Revenue Stage
            • Change Data Value [Lifecycle Field]
          • In your RCM itself, it should ONLY listen for "Revenue Stage is Changed" that's it. The way you show above will NOT work.
          • Historic info
            • not really sure about your specific situation
            • you need a set of Batch flows that will push existing data into current buckets, then the triggers and main system will handle future data.
            • don't be surprised if you have zero data history for 3-4 months.
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            Tammy Chan

            Thanks Josh! - yea thats my fear i don't want to purchase something where the historic information isn't there....


            Curious to know why the i have it set up now wouldn't work? - I understand it doesn't work now b/c i don't have it, but not sure why that it wouldn't work since i have my smart campaigns changing the status, and the RCM is listening for the change status?

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                Josh Hill

                It's not setup correctly the way you show it.


                The historic data only gets built when your system is fully functioning and you have RCM/RCE active. Marketo can't know about your previous lead funnel if it's not recording the data.

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                  Dan Stevens.

                  I think what Josh is trying to stress here is that you wouldn't use the transition rules within RCM.  Instead, you need to build out a robust series of lead lifecycle campaigns which include the necessary logic to move leads to the appropriate stages based on specific activities/engagement (including the appropriate detours and fast-tracks).  Here's a snapshot of our LL campaigns:



                  Here's what a sample campaign looks like (this is the one where Marketing goes into CRM, qualifies the lead and assigns it to Sales - formally moving the lead into an MQL stage:




                  This is just a subset of the flow - which those key flowsteps highlighted that Josh originally pointed out ("Avanade Integrated Sales and Marketing Funnel" is the name of our revenue model in Marketo):


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