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FT/LT UTM cookie script (Shoutout to Yanir!) - Q&A pretty please

Question asked by Sean Richards on Sep 30, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 30, 2018 by Sean Richards

Hi Yanir Calisar,


I am about to try out your FT/LT UTM cookie script. Thanks for sharing this!! (MarTech/UTM-Tracking at master · yanirclsr/MarTech · GitHub )


I have two questions, if you could  please provide some advice.

  • Question 1) I would like to see a website with the script running if possible? Do you know any URL where it is live?
  • Question 2) Can you please ft and lt_referrer fields are for, what data they capture and how do you recommend that data is processed? If this is as I assume, the web-referral value, then would this be used to say "there was no UTM value, but this lead was referred from "x" website? Then you could use a smart campaign to flag your lead source to that referrer (e.g. category = inbound, source = web-referral,

Thank you very much in advance!