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    My.token vs system.token

    James Zolinski

      If I am going to use system.datetime token in my SC, do I need to add a token at the program level called system datetime or use my.datetime or my.system datetime? If you use system tokens in SC, do you need to add tokens at the program level? Is it even possible to have a my.system datetime token? Sorry, a little confused about tokens. I've read many posts about these and can't figure out when to use what token and where.

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          Grace Brebner

          Hey James,


          The system date time token will work without you needing to do anything - they'll just populate with what the date & time was when the smart campaign runs.


          It is possible to create a my.system datetime token in the sense that you can create a token by that name. But my tokens (program tokens) require you to populate the value or create velocity script to run it - can't think of any use case where you'd need to do that rather than just using the system token.


          Program tokens are great for things that are more specific to your brand, or (for velocity scripting) when you want to do things that are specific to each lead. I often use program tokens for ctas, utms, program templates, etc.