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Query parameters not correct

Question asked by James Zolinski on Sep 25, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 25, 2018 by Sanford Whiteman

We are using contact forms on our website, social media and Google Adwords, and when people fill these forms out we receive an alert email to contact them. The problem is, on the alert email, the Lead Source and Source Detail are not populating, or populating correctly so we are unable to tell where these leads came from without checking the activity log.


The form on our website is a marketo form, but it is not hosted on the page but rather an external pop-up form, if I understand correctly from reading other posts on this, Marketo is unable to track these utm's since the form they are on is not technically hosted on a marketo LP, correct? Our website is hosted on wordpress, is it possible to set this form up on wordpress to track Lead Source and Source Detail?


As for the Google Adwords and social media, when looking at the activity log for these leads, I click on the web page they visited and the form they filled out and the query parameters are missing our utm's, but instead, it looks like a specific Google tracking code has been entered as the query parameter rather than our utm's. Does that sound correct? Is there a way to update the query parameters so they track Lead Source and Source Detail correctly?


One of the forms we are using does include the Lead Source and Source Detail on the alert email and when I look at this form in the leads activity log, the query parameters for this form do include our utm's.