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    Streams and engagement

    Artium Bu

      Can I use a smart campaign to assign people to a specific stream in an engagement campaign? Let's say I have 2 streams and I need half of my contacts to start receiving emails from stream 1, and the rest from stream 2.

      What is the best way of executing this?

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          Ronen Wasserman


          Sure you can. The easiest way would be by using 2 lists one for each segment. Then in a smart campaign, the smart list should use Member of List Person in the 2 lists you've created. The Flow should be using Add to Engagement Program, then press on Add Choice, now you should have 2 Choices: Choice 1 - If: Member of List - in - List #1 - Program: Name of the engagement program - Stream: #of the stream you want.

          Choice 2 - The same but with the other list and the other stream.

          Default Choice should be left untouched.

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