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Define TY page on Landing page (instead of via form)

Question asked by Jordan Hellyer on Sep 25, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 4, 2018 by Jessica Sprinkel



I am having a bit of difficulty implementing some custom Registration page code, and was hoping someone from the community might be able to help!


In a nut shell, we are trying to implement a set up where essentially if a lead is from *a list of countries* they are shown form A, and if they are not from that list, are shown form B. We decided to use MaxMind to check the lead's IP against their database, and return a country code, and then are using JavaScript in an HTML element to show the correct form, accordingly. Everything is working fine, except for the routing to the TY page. The forms are global, so the TY page is defined in the form as a token {{my.Thank You LP}}-- but when testing the form is navigating to the default home page, upon "Submit". We tried creating a local form, defining the TY URL directly (as opposed to calling the token) and that works perfectly. My theory is that because the form isn't plugged in via the landing page element, but is instead pulled in via JavaScript, Marketo is having a hard time pulling the my. tokens. However, for scalability reasons, we need to keep the forms global, and hence need to use the my. token to define the TY page


So! I am thinking that the actual landing page lives in the program, so perhaps we could define the {{my.Thank You LP}} via the Landing page instead of in the form? But haven't been able to come up with the code to do so. Any ideas (or additional suggestions?)


Many thanks!