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Push notification woes on Android

Question asked by Chris Osborn on Sep 24, 2018



Is anybody using push notifications successfully on marketo? We are encountering problems on Ios and Android of different types. Android 9 use crashes on marketo SDK. Push notifications never arrive and have insufficient feedback as to problems. UUID is not sent by marketo so push's fail due to code in SDK. Certificate on the marketo service was no longer recognized as valid so push notifications were down for weeks.


There seem to be a lot of issues and we are on with support (with painful results) with seemingly little knowledge and very few others reporting issues (after weeks of bouncing around support, eventually "a few other users" having the same problem)  Does anybody know if this is an officially supported platform or supported in concept only as it seems there are very few users of the platform when the company doesn't know that the service is down.




Chris Osborn