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How to capture the values passing to my Marketo form?

Question asked by Huihsing Kiang on Sep 21, 2018
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Our vendor is passing the values below to the Marketo form:


If the user is routed from the literature_download.html page, it passes these five variables:

page = the name of the page routing the user ("literature_download.html")

docID = the document id

docTitle = the title of the document to download

docProducts = the products associated with the document

docType = the document type


I’m thinking the best way to capture them is to use the hidden fields? However, the available fields currently in Marketo are these below and they do not have the same field names. Do I need to create the different sets of fields in order to capture these values or if there is a way for me to use the existing fields? Thanks.

Document Id
Document Name
Document Products
Document Type