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    Marketo Event App

    Sue Wang

      Hi I am curious how many Marketo users are using the Marketo Event Check In App. And how is your experience?


      We've been using the App, but have had different issues with it. e.g. app freezing up, registrant lists stopped showing completely in the middle of checking in people, app failing to sync, etc.

      We are at a point where we are considering discontinuing using it for event check in and look for other solutions.


      If you could share your experience, it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

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          Kevin Weisenberger

          Hi Sue,


          We have used it at a number events via IPads at a booth with great success and have never had any of your listed problems. I suspect this may have to do with a compatibility between your operating system on the device and the app, have you tried reaching out to support to see if they can investigate?

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              Sue Wang

              Thank you Kevin for your reply! We made sure we have most up to date operating system on the Ipads. We've tried to reach out to Marketo support. They couldn't replicate the issues we have and were saying they didn't really hear other users have similar issues.

              1. Do you use different log ins on different ipads at check in?

              2. Did you always have good Internet connection when using the app? We realized that when Internet connection is not stable, we tend to have more issues. e.g. ipads freezing up, registrants disappearing, and we have to log out and in again to view the full list.


              Thank you again! Your help is greatly appreciated.

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              Matjaž Jaušovec

              Hi Sue,


              we are using it for our internal events (max 200 attendees) and it works well. We also have some trigger campaigns tied to checked-in updates and also so far we haven't seen any problems in performance.


              The only issue we have experienced is that app demands logging in again in case the tablet screen goes in sleep mode. This can be a bit annoying, but you can resolve this with some password manager app.


              In production, we've been using the app on Android tablets. I also did some testing on iPads and it worked ok as well.



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                Veronica Holmes

                Hi Sue

                Yep - I've experienced all the problems you're mentioning over the years - and they are intermittent so Support can't really help, but Product Management know they exist (so that's something at least).

                Tips from my experience:

                - Use a different login for each tablet logging into the app (using the same login on multiple tablets can cause other tablets using same login to crash)

                - Dodgy wifi can mess with your app sync. Sync your events, go offline, manage everything, then go back online and sync everything back after check-in.

                - Ensure your tablet is set to never go to sleep (as it often forces you to relogin if the device goes into sleep mode).


                Also, I find it quite cumbersome to use for larger events as the search and find mechanism is slow. We usually used the ratio of 1 iPad for each 20 people checking in to try and ensure the check-in got managed smoothly.

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