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Possible to use the Form in a Lightbox function on an external non-Marketo page?

Question asked by 5d15c21126f0fd98ff0daf9ec0befce36ff53834 on Aug 25, 2014
Latest reply on Aug 23, 2016 by c18dbb9c89dfb5fb40a16876b85395e16ef1c93c
I have tried all of the community suggestions for making the form in a lightbox work, but they all seem to be for using the form on a Marketo landing page.  I need to have the Marketo form open in the lightbox when a button is clicked on an external site.  Is this possible? Does anyone have examples/code?

I have a separate lightbox code I have used for videos, etc, but brining in the form as an iframe doesn't work because the form is only 600px wide and the lightbox gathers the entire "canvas" from the Marketo landing page, instead of the width I set it to, to match the form width.