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The Disappearing Folder Act

Discussion created by Danny Tran on Sep 19, 2018
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Hi everyone,


I was just going about my business making a few adjustments in our Operational Programs folder when I suddenly felt the urge to do a little bit of cleanup. I wanted to reorganize our folder structure so that it was a bit easier to navigate to my primary areas of work. So I decided to rename one of our folders "zZ.B2B Operational". I then positioned this folder to a top-level location. After doing this, the folder seemed to magically disappear. I tried doing the following to track it down:

  • Refresh the page
  • Clear my cache and refresh the page
  • Search all the archived folders
  • Search by program name (programs within the missing folder)
  • Restart my computer
  • Ask a coworker to search for the folder
  • Open a Support ticket

I decided to classify this as a P2 case since it's nearing the end of the day (PST). However, I couldn't help myself from refreshing the page every 5 minutes to hopefully squeeze in a bit more work. To my surprise, the folder appeared about 25 minutes after it went missing. I chalked it up to lag and closed my Support ticket.


I then went back into Marketo and began doing what I was doing, and what do ya know, the folder went missing again. This has now killed off two hours of productivity and has driven me near insanity. I always have a slightly anxious feeling when I perform certain tasks in Marketo because of the nuances that I've experienced in the past, but renaming/moving a folder was never on that list.


Have any of you had this happen to you? Either recently or in the past? This thread is more just to vent and share stories since I can't really do the work I was focusing on.




Danny T.